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Today's Bridge Clues....       Beginner: Bidding Hand  Playing Hand
                                                            Level 1:
Bidding Hand  Playing Hand
                                                  Level 2:
Bidding Hand  Playing Hand


Ron Klinger's new  "Improve your Bridge" - Daily Puzzles etc.


Bridge Baron "Deal Of The Week" (Changes every Friday)  ==>  >> Click here << 


Australian Bridge On-Line Bidding Forum" (Changes Bi-Monthly)  ==>  >> Click here << 


Richard Pavlicek's Polls and Contests  ==>  >> Click here <<   Your past results=>Click here

BridgeBase Online VuGraph Schedules  >>Click here!! <<(times are your local time!!!)
To actually watch LIVE play for a match, at the scheduled time log on to "Bridge Base Online" on your PC desktop (while connected to the Internet), and select "Explore Bridge" to enter the VuGraph Theatre......If you don't yet have Bridge Base On-Line
Click here then follow the instructions

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2006 Computer World Championships  Yarra Valley Congress 2007 
VBA Anzac Congress 2006    AWAP 2006    AWNP2006   AWSP2005

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