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Classes at ECBC (subject to change)  [NB. All students must be at least 18 years of age]

Click here for Special/Intermediate sessions  >>>>      Intermediate/Special Sessions
The venue for all classes/sessions is:

                                     Unit 2, No. 19                                              Note!   Classes are NOT held at the Centre but are at
                                     Glen Ebor Avenue                                                   the Director's private home in Blackburn where
                                     BLACKBURN, Vic. 3130                                       there is provision for large screen projections of
                                     (Off Central Rd. near Blackburn Lake)                 automated class material and tables and chairs
                                     ...Park car in Glen Ebor Avenue please...              for practice hands.
                                    (Melways ref: Map 48 B10 ) c Click here to see map

If you are a beginner, here are just two steps to get you started on your way to becoming a good Bridge player:

     1.  Click here to view the current Schedule of Beginners Classes

     2. Click on this "happy chappy" to send an email asking us to add you to the Schedule!  ==>  

All classes are conducted by the Centre's director (Chris Raisin) who is currently a Bridge State* Master (ABA) with 15 years experience
teaching bridge and over 20 years experience teaching computer programming at University level.

Experienced Players:
If you are an experienced Bridge Player and want to practice hands specifically designed for your system (or to review or play your
system's conventions) this can be arranged!  INTERMEDIATE and SPECIAL sessions are at the low rate of $25 per 3 hour session
and there is no minimum or maximum number of sessions (even only ONE session is not too much trouble!)....just call us!

Beginners Classes
Beginners classes are just $15-00 each and run for 7 weeks.

The textbook "Introduction to Bridge" by Paul Marston is supplied (if you want it) at cost price (postage free=approx. $19-00). 
Classes use this book as a guide and for reinforcement, although the slides we use are not contained in the textbook.
Handouts are supplied allowing students to "fill-in" the answers during revision at the start of most classes (during weeks 2-7)   

The first 6 classes  are pre-paid "up front"($90)  and payment is non-refundable. If you are not available for some certain class
(sickness, unavoidable appointment etc.), arrangements can be made (with the agreement of other class members) to adjust
the dates which class meets, subject to availability.
Each weekly class session of 3 hours includes a brief "break" at half time for a free cup of tea/coffee and a couple of biscuits.

The 6 base classes are then followed the final Lesson (7) and then three weeks of "Supervised Play", where you just "play bridge" - no slides .
The last lesson and the supervised play weeks are OPTIONAL, but all students love these sessions! 
They prepare you well  for competitive play at club level or just to make you better bridge players with your friends!
Our club is full of success stories!
This final lesson plaus the Supervised sessions are the same $15-00 per session but you "pay on the day if you are there" :-)

People who complete the Beginners Class (attending at least 8 of the 10 sessions) receive 12 months free membership
to the ECBC club (for the ensuing year but any state/national affiliation fees are not included).
That is a currently a saving of about $45-00! (Like getting back half the fees for your course!)

ECBC runs it's club sessions in Box Hill on Monday and Friday evenings (7.30pm to 10.45 pm).

Please book in advance for classes or special sessions by phoning   (03) 9877-7213